Web Design a Infatuate Creative


As Wix Partners we choose to design sites on a platform that is simple and easy to use for our clients. This not only reduces the costs to the end user but makes beautiful, SEO friendly sites accessible to small businesses. Better still the interface is simple for clients to use, so it reduces ongoing maintenance costs allowing small business to invest more back into their businesses.

There are 5 levels of wix partner qualifications, we are considered a "creator" or level 3


If you need a new site, a old site revised, some help with SEO, assistance to get found or simply need something fixed, contact us for a quote.



Wix Build Pricing

Website builds and rebuild fees below exclude the costs that take your website live. Additional costs include your website hosting (ranging from $13.50 - $50 per month depending on your needs) and your domain name.

Need Dynamic pages, forms or a connection to a database?

We can include this in the price for your site build without the ongoing cost of a plugin. Ask us for a quote!


Prefer us to maintain your site for you?

Your first 3 months of updates are automatically included and for $140+GST per month we can keep your SEO up to date and offer changes to your site once a month.


eCommerce sites attract an additional fee and require an eCommerce WIX hosting plan


 The Process 

Regular builds take approx 6 weeks depending on the number of revisions you would like, For  smaller sites we can move the build within a week. Complex sites can take up to 3 months. We can offer a priority service, but the cost is approximatley double.

Step 1
We meet with you via video call to discuss your needs, wants and goals and then issue you a quote for your new site.

Step 3

While we wait for content we get your landing site online. 

You become one of Infatuate Creatives happy clients!

Step 4.1

Over this time we will send you updates, seek input and  be tapping away getting your site ready to launch.

Step 2

After your 50% deposit is paid we go ahead and start the process of producing the site map. We research your market and collect content.

Step 4

Time for the work to really get underway. We get busy laying the online foundations and putting up the walls of your site. This can take up to 3-5 weeks.

Step 5

Once your site is ready, we send it to you for proofing and final adjustments.


Once approved we take care of SEO & Analytics and  submit your sitemap to google.